Why You Should Choose Gentle Touch

Mobile Phlebotomy

Happy To Serve:

Owner of Gentle Touch Phlebotomy and a trained Phlebotomist, Tanya is proud to serve the Southwest Washington and Portland Oregon area with her mobile Phlebotomy services. 

Gentle Touch specializes in blood draws, finger sticks, redraws, and many other services, and is happy to have you as a client! Mobile phlebotomy cuts down both time and money spent for people that are in need of phlebotomy services.

Here is a list of examples of the benefits of mobile phlebotomies:

  1. Save on gas and time. With Gentle Touch coming to you, you wont have to leave your home or work. You’re saving time and money by not having to use your gas, PTO, or to sit in traffic driving to a clinic.
  2. If you are immune compromised, this is a safer option for your health. Having a phlebotomist come to you means you are protecting yourself from exposure to seasonal illnesses that can be caught in public places. This also is a great option if you have any seasonal allergies. 
  3. Skip the doctors office. By choosing Gentle Touch, it saves both yours and the doctor’s office time by not having to schedule an appointment for a simple and quick procedure. Also, if you’re not feeling well, it’s safer to stay indoors so that you don’t contaminate a doctors office. Also, some doctors do not hire a phlebotomist full time, so they can hire a Gentle Touch for a flat fee. Gentle Touch also provides emergency blood draws in the evening/after hours is needed, a service most doctor offices don’t offer.
  4. Gentle Touch’s blood testing is more efficient than going to a clinic because they treat every blood draw as a STAT medical transport. This means nothing is held over night or more than 2 hours. 
  5. Using Gentle Touch’s services is unique because you are getting a personal phlebotomist. This way, you are not getting a new specialist every time you need a procedure, and you are guaranteed the same professional, positive experience. 
  6. Gentle Touch is currently offering COVID-19 antibody testing. Skip the lines and hassle of getting an appointment at medical offices. 

In addition to the multiple benefits of hiring Gentle Touch, Tanya has experience working with children as young as 3 days old. She is also trained in port and picc access with sterilization, oncology, and hospital emergency rooms. On top of her specializations; Tanya is timely, her paperwork and services are always efficient, and the job will be done right the first time, guaranteed.